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Pastel BioScience is a dynamic startup developing innovative and revolutionary next-generation technologies in the areas of proteomics and protein biomarker discovery and validation.

InVenio™ technology will provide a 'plug and play' protein biomarker discovery and validation platform very similar to the current next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) instruments. It is Pastel's intention to partner with one or more of the current NGS players as well as those pharma companies dedicated to the introduction of companion diagnostics to accelerate InVenio™ development and put this truly exciting technology in the hands of researchers, scientists and ultimately clinicians, as soon as possible.


Each of the currently used proteomics technologies, below, have one or more limitations that mean that they are unable to simply and rapidly detect all of the proteins in a sample and therefore are not suitable for high throughput screening of potential protein biomarkers.

mass spectrometry | complex and expensive instrumentation, relatively low throughput in terms of numbers of proteins detected, relatively low levels of sensitivity;
2D Gel electrophoresis | simpler instrumentation but huge amount of hands-on time, low throughput in terms of numbers of proteins detected, low level of sensitivity;
antibody and aptamer arrays | medium complexity instrumentation with a lot of hands-on time, low throughput in terms of numbers of proteins detected, higher level of sensitivity but not high;

InVenio™ technology will provide a very simple, rapid and yet incredibly powerful instrument platform able to detect all of the proteins in a given sample.


All of the current technologies are limited in their sensitivity which ultimately means they are unable to detect many, if not the majority, of proteins in a complex sample such as blood or plasma. In missing these proteins they will almost certainly limit the sensitivity and specificity of any resulting biomarker (where a mix of proteins indicate a disease state, prognostic marker etc.). As highlighted in a series of recently published articles, such potential biomarkers are found to be severely wanting during the translational phase from R&D to clinical use. They are shown to be effectively worthless and have given rise to the dearth of biomarkers receiving clinical approval.

InVenio™ technology will have the ultimate in sensitivity, 'single-molecule' , and as such will be able to detect all proteins in a given sample. As a result the discovered biomarkers will be both sensitive and specific providing 'fit for purpose' diagnostics, prognostics or drug development screens.


Pastel's InVenio™ technology uses specialised and proprietary capture molecules (not antibodies or aptamers) that when 'multiplexed' have been shown, using Pastel's in-house bioinformatics software, to recognise virtually all of the proteins in any given sample. In fact Pastel is able to show, using the bioinformatics, that with a limited number of capture molecules it can detect and identify 100's of thousands of different proteins, from all types of organism, including the many isoforms that are extremely difficult to detect with the other proteomic techniques.

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