Selection Technology

While InVenio™ technology, will not require 100's of thousands of capture molecules to identify 100's of thousands of target proteins, it will still require several thousand and as such Pastel's scientist have developed a process for ultra high-throughput selection (uHTP) of capture molecules having the correct affinity and specificity.


Pastel's scientists had started using periplasmic expression with cytometric screening (PECS) as a method to select the required capture molecules. However, while it was a reasonably efficient process it was not amenable to very high-throughput scale-up.

Instead a totally new, and proprietary, methodology was designed that uses a combination of novel biochemistry and microfluidics and is anticipated to have a throughput several fold that of equivalent phage selection technology. This uHTP platform may also be of interest, through licensing, to other companies including those working on antibody or other ligand-binder selection.

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