Over the coming months Pastel will be adding various resources that will hopefully be of use to those interested in proteomics and protein biomarker discovery and validation.


The video, a series of powerpoint slides, gives some background to the area of proteomics and biomarkers not already covered in the text of the website. Video


Presented are a number of links to proteomic and protein databases | These are currently generic or associated with human biology and diseases but will be expanded in future to include other organisms. Databases


Presented are a number of links to proteomic conferences, meetings and workshops | Currently ommitted are those mass spectrometry related conferences that are not directly linked to proteomics. Conferences


This will be compiled over the coming months.


Will undoubtedly be only an occassional posting when someone at Pastel has something interesting to put pen to paper about. Most likely to be a rant about some pet hate. Blog

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