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Proteomics Research Blog News in Proteomics Research - blog post | Extensive list of proteomics resources! - Hey guys! I just want to share with you this great list that Pastel BioScience put together. It is the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of proteomics resources that I am aware of. You can directly link to it at the Pastel BioScience website here... Full Nov. 13, 2014
GenomeWeb ProteoMonitor article | Pastel BioScience Combining Protein Capture Agents with NGS to Tackle the Proteome - UK-based biotech firm Pastel BioScience is building an array-based proteomics platform with the aim of accessing the entire human proteome. While still in the early development stage, the company believes that its InVenio platform, which combines protein capture molecules with detection similar to commonly used next-generation sequencing platforms, … Full Oct. 18, 2013
East Sussex Enterprise Hub Scientist, Analyst, Entrepreneur - The technology works by allowing the accurate identification of 'biomarkers' associated with the early (sometimes very early) stages of disease. It could provide much more than a set of advanced health 'warning lights' however, complex combinations of proteins could be indicative of health risks many years before they become acute, or even noticeable by current means.… Full Oct. 03, 2007
UKTI Life Sciences Case Study Pastel BioScience - The objective of the company is to develop and commercialise epimer technology, a replacement for anti-body technology, which enables an extremely rapid selection of ligands having high affinity and specificity for target proteins and polypeptides. It can be used in many areas, such as diagnostics, therapeutics and proteomics. The proteomics market is particularly buoyant at the moment. … Full Feb. 25, 2004
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