Dek Woolfson, Scientific Advisor

Dek Woolfson is currently Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Bristol and prior to that the same position was held at the University of Sussex. Dek has published extensively on the principles and properties of alpha-helical coiled-coils and protein engineering in general. He heads a research group studying the self assembly of peptides into fibres and peptide conformational switching, both areas that have significant applications in nanotechnology and tissue engineering. Dek obtained his B.A in chemistry from the University of Oxford and his Ph.D in chemistry from the University of Cambridge. Along with a plethora of scientific publications and citations he has also patented much of his research and is exploiting them through commercial license agreements.

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Mark Osborne, Scientific Advisor

Mark Osborne is currently a senior lecturer and Royal Society University Research Fellow (Chemistry) at the University of Sussex. He received his B.Sc. in Chemical Physics (University of Sussex), D. Phil. (School of Molecular Sciences, University of Sussex) and performed postdoctoral research in single molecule spectroscopy in the group of Dr David Klenerman (University of Cambridge). Mark was a member of the founding group, and worked for 3 years as a senior scientist (single molecule detection) with Solexa Ltd, Cambridge, UK (now Illumina) and is the inventor on a number of Solexa’s original patents. Current research is directed at single molecule biomolecular dynamics within bio-mimetic environments combining techniques including laser spectroscopy, CCD imaging, confocal fluorescence and total internal reflection microscopy.

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